Trust, honesty, and integrity are priceless values in today’s world. These three virtues are and always have been the epicenter of our business of providing affordable housing. We believe in the products we sell and strive for customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Purchasing a new home is one of life’s major decisions. At Smitty’s you will encounter low pressure, straight forward knowledge from our home consultants. We pride ourselves on taking the “anxiety” out of making a major financial commitment.

The first step in purchasing a new home is deciding on where you want the home to be placed. Smitty’s sells homes to rented or privately owned ground.

The second step in purchasing a home is identifying the right home that fits your needs. We have a variety of models on display showcasing several different floor plans from a 2-3 bedroom single section 900 sq. ft. home up to a 4-5 bedroom 2,305 sq. ft. home. Many other floor plans are also available in addition to those on display.

The next step in purchasing a home is financing it. Smitty’s offers a variety of different options for financing. We also gladly accept financing with the client’s bank or lender of choice.

While the home is being constructed in an indoor controlled environment, Smitty’s will perform all the necessary foundation construction on the future site or the purchaser can have their contractor perform the site work. Finally upon completion, the home will be transported and timely on-site construction will begin.