Company History

Smitty’s has been in business since 1963 . We started out selling 10’ wide single wide mobile homes with very limited options and only a few different floor plans to choose from. As time went on the demand for more space led to 12’ wide single wides and eventually double wide mobile homes. In the late 70’s, 14’ wide singles became available and eventually the 28’ wide double wides followed. Then in the 1990’s, 16’ wide singles and 32’ wide doubles became available. Nearly every shape and size is now available in Manufactured and Modular homes at Smitty’s.

We sell homes starting as a 1 section Manufactured home up to multi-section and 2 story modular homes. Today’s demand allows for us to offer various different options with building materials, colors, specifications and floor-plans. We are capable of custom building any desired floor plan.

Smitty’s has evolved tremendously to meet the ever changing demands of society over the last 45+ years. A lot has changed since we opened our doors in 1963, but one thing remains constant. We always strive to treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated and ultimately provide them with the best possible value for their housing dollar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Manufactured Home?

A Manufactured Home is a factory built home built to the H.U.D. federal building code. The H.U.D. code changes very little through out the country. The home can come in one or multiple sections. The metal frame stays under the home and it can be set with or without a permanent foundation.

What is a Modular Home?

A Modular Home is factory built home that is built to the same local building code that site built homes are built to. This code varies by state, region, and sometimes municipality. A modular home doesn’t have a metal frame underneath and it must be set on a permanent foundation or basement. Any local bank that offers construction loans will finance the build of a Modular Home.